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The Applications stage is over.
We invite you to apply to the next year competition.

The Startups

EdTech Mapping

BrightBytes wins the G.E.S.Awards
SpongeLab and Edpuzzle came in 2nd and 3d, in a competition initiated by 6 EdTech accelerators and incubators from around the world. Nittio Learn won the popularity GESAwards.

The Judges


Meir Brand

Managing Director Google Israel, Greece and Sub Saharan Africa
Daniel Zajfman

Daniel Zajfman

President of the Weizmann Institute


Head of Unit at European Commission

Frank Bonsal III

Edupreneur | Mentor | Investor

Gila Ben-Har

CEO of the Center for Educational Technology

David Weinberger

Co-director, Harvard Library Innovation Lab

Renee Hobbs

Director at Harrington School of Communication
Bob Wise

Governor Bob Wise

President of the Alliance for Excellent Education

Rachel Brujis

Director, Efficacy, Partner Markets at Pearson

Paul-René Albertini

Chairman at Sushi Venture Partners

The Competition

The Global EdTech Startups Awards is a new initiative led by a group of prominent education innovation organizations from across the world. The competition’s goal is to identify, highlight and recognize the world’s most promising EdTech startups for 2014, those which present a potential for groundbreaking learning solutions. We wish to give voice and space to the exciting growing trends in innovation and investments in EdTech currently arising in different parts of the world.

How does GESAwards work?

1st stage (Until July 18): Anyone – a founder, investor, or user (teacher, student or parent) can nominate a startup by filling in the “Add a Startup” form, as well as give their comments, tweets and likes. Representatives from the different world regions will select their 10 most promising startups from the general list.


(1) Ten startups were selected by the local events in Tel-Aviv(July 9th), Barcelona(July 15th) and Bogota(August 1st) 

(2) Another 20 startups were selected by The Global Panel of Judges of the Semi-Finals. 

2nd stage (August 28): We are excited to announce the 10 most promising EdTech startups for 2014. The final event will take place on Monday, September 15th, between 7pm-9pm Israel time (GMT+3) in Tel-Aviv. 

3rd stage: From the professional’s selections, a panel of judges will choose the 3 winners. The panel of judges include renowned figures representing the education and technology industry. An additional popularity G.E.S Award will be granted according to the startup with the highest number of social responses (comments, tweets and likes).

Competition Criteria:  The product (1) answers an actual pain (2) has an innovative pedagogical aspect (3) has an outstanding user experience (4) growth potential (5) sustainable business model.

And the Winners are: 1st place – BrightBytes, 2nd place – Spongelab, 3rd place – Edpuzzle, Popularity G.E.S.Awards – Nittio Learn.

Prizes: The winners will be awarded with free acceptance to five leading world EdTech ecosystems: Tel Aviv, New York, London, Barcelona and Bogotá ; office space and facilities, mentoring and guidance, over a total period of four months, at the following EdTech accelerators: EdTech Incubator (London), Socratic Labs (New York), P.A.U Education (Barcelona), MindCET (Tel Aviv and Yeruham) and Inncubated (Bogotá).

Terms and conditions
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about us

The Global EdTech Awards competition is joint initiative of MindCET, Socratic Labs, p.a.u. education, EdTech Incubator and Inncubated.



MindCET is an EdTech innovation center which brings together entrepreneurs, educators and researchers to develop innovative groundbreaking educational technology in Israel and beyond. MindCET is an independent body within the Center for Educational Technology (CET).


p.a.u education

P.A.U. Education is a private company based in Barcelona, Spain, founded in 1995 by Pierre-Antoine Ullmo (Paris, France), with a staff of more than 50 people from 20 different countries working with public and private organisations on a European and international level.


EdTech Incubator

Welcome to the Edtech incubator – the UK and Europe’s first education technology accelerator programme led by The Education Foundation, in partnership with the Tech City Investment Organisation.


Socratic Labs \sō-‘kra–tik-‘labz\ n.

1. an edtech accelerator embracing lean startup practices. 2. a collaborative coworking community in NYC dedicated to education entrepreneurship. 3. a campus focused on learning technology. 4. the birthplace of the future of learning.



InncubatED is the first incubator in Latin America that focuses on bringing innovation to the education industry by promoting and accelerating Startups in the Edtech space.