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  • Kytabu wins the 2015 GESA competition!

    Kytabu is “The Most Promising EdTech (Education Technology) Start Up of 2015” – this was the decision of the panel of judges in the “Global Edtech Startup Awards” (GESA) competition.

    The announced was made on Monday at Google Campus in Tel Aviv, during a special event in honor of the UK and Israel technology ties, and in the presence of the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson MP, who is visiting Israel with a delegation of Education Technology and Smart Cities companies and business leaders.

    Kytabu will receive $10k in cash reward, and will be able to utilize the large EdTech network and services offered by the GESA partners, which include EdTech accelerators and publishers from around the world.


    Tonee Ndungo, founder and CEO of Kytabu, upon receiving the news on winning the competition

    Kenya-based Kytabu aims at reducing the burden of education content on low income families, by digitizing all the content required in the education curriculum on a portable device, and allowing parents to rent micro-sized content for their children for short periods of time. The company claims that this drastically reduces the cost of learning content, introduces flipped learning into classrooms underserved by teachers, and leapfrogs traditional content by creating a platform that can accommodate more variation on learning content.

    Cashtivity (Australia), which uses technology for project-based learning, came in 2nd, and Tabtor Math (U.S), a provider of personalized math tutoring, came in 3rd.

    3 global finalists also attended the event in Tel Aviv: Proversity, winner of the UK finals, Domoscio, winner of the Continental Europe finals, and CNature, winner of the Israeli finals.

    Photo By Tomer Foltyn | | 050-5810058

    Avi Warshavsky (CEO MindCET), Ian Fordham (CEO EdTech Foundation), Saul Klein (co-founder, Kano), Zairah Khurshid (Proversity), Nadav Bocher (CEO, CNature), Ivan Ostrowicz (CEO, Domoscio), Photo By Tomer Foltyn | our thanks to London Partners

    “EdTech continuous its upward climb, as companies in that market raised more than $2.5b in the first six months of 2015 – more than the total investments in the entire 2014”, says Avi Warshavsky, CEO of MindCET. “We see increased awareness and offerings from many markets and countries, and witnessed an impressive stream of applications from Latin America, India and China for this year’s competition”.

    Colombia-based Kuepa received special recognition as the winner of the “Cengage Learning LatAm EdTech Excellence award”, which was given to one Latin American EdTech company. Along with the recognition, Kuepa will also receive a $10k cash reward from Cengage Learning.

    Photo By Tomer Foltyn | | 050-5810058

    Right to left: Yishai Mor (Open Education Challenge), Ian Fordham (EdTech Foundation). Photo By Tomer Foltyn | our thanks to London Partners


    More than 350 companies applied for the 2nd  GESA competition, which was initiated by the Israeli-based EdTech accelerator MindCET,  that partnered with leading incubators, accelerators, investors and publishers: CET, Israel; Edtech UK, United Kingdom;  The European Union’s Open Education Challenge and P.A.U. Education, Spain; Inncubated, Colombia;  Wayra UK; Cengage Learning Latin America; EDGE EdTech, NY ;  Edugild, India and Viling Venture Partners of Japan.

    We discovered a lot of innovative EdTech companies this year, and looking forward to getting to know more when we launch the 3rd GESA competition in early 2016. Congratulations to Kytabu, and let’s continue to create better learning experiences for everyone!

  • Here they are: the 10 GESA finalists!

    We are happy to update that following the regional events, 10 start ups from around the world have been chosen to reach the finals at the Global Edtech Startups Awards.

    The finalists are:

    Arcterus from Japan

    Cnature from Israel

    Fizzible from India

    Domoscio from France

    Kuepa from Colombia

    Proversity from the United Kingdom

    Tabtor Math from the United States

    Kytabu from Kenya

    Cashtivity from Australia

    Editacuja from Brazil


    So, what happens next?


    During the next few days our panel of judges will deliberate, and at the end of the process a winner will be chosen. The announcement of this year’s GESA winner, and the most promising EdTech startup of 2015, will be published on Monday, November 9th.












    GESA logo
  • And the winner of the Continental Europe GESA finals is...

    Continental Europe’s final event for the Global EdTech Startup Awards was celebrated on Thrusday, 29 October, in Barcelona, where Pierre-Antoine Ullmo, one of the jury members and Open Education Challenge and P.A.U. Education founder, announced the winner from the shortlist of finalists. The event took place at Incubio, the big data incubator, and with more than 40 in attendance, the gathering also benefitted from Yishay Mor’s (creative director of the Open Education Challenge) valuable feedback during his masterclass, ‘Edtech Startups: Are you solving the right problem? And is your solution effective?

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    At the event, the three winners were selected and announced:

    • First place winner,Domoscio (France), aides training by offering an adaptive memorisation solution to enable users to remember more and improve the development of skills. This innovation represents a new generation of learning.
    • Second place went toYousician (Finland), a new way to learn to play musical instruments.
    • Third place went to Science Bits (Spain), a very promising multimedia science resource for secondary school.

    All three of the selected startups were invited to join a special activity in Tel Aviv hosted by MindCET, the EdTech innovation centre, in November. It will involve Google Campus with the EdTech delegation, headed by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, interacting with Israeli teachers who will serve as a testing crowd, and networking with Israeli startups and investors.

    The Open Education Challenge is one of the Global EdTech Startup Awards partners and led the evaluation and Jury’s grid of continental Europe’s participants. The final discussion and subsequent decision took place this week and joined the opinions of a poll of reputable education, innovation and startup acceleration experts from across Europe:

    • Avi Warshavsky, CEO of MindCET, edtech Innovation Center
    • Pierre-Antoine Ullmo, P.A.U. Education and Open Education Challenge founder
    • Yishay Mor, Learning Design Scientist and Creative Director of the Open Education Challenge
    • Aleix Valls, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Director, 4YFN at Mobile World Capital
    • Olivier Brechard, General Manager of WebForce3 and Executive Director of WISE (World Innovation Summit for Education)
    • Andrés Manso, Incubio’s Founder and Partner
    • Ekaterina Gianelli, Investment Director at Inventure

The Judges



Professor - Digital Hollywood University graduate school

Sunil Karad

Trustee & Executive Director, MIT Group Of Institutes. Director, Edugild.
Don Burton

Don Burton

Co-Founder, EDGE EdTech accelerator, NYC
PA - head

Pierre-Antoine Ullmo

Founder and manager, PAU Education, Open Education Challenge

Fernando Valenzuela

President, Latin America, Cengage Learning / National Geographic Learning.
Marcelo Burbano

Marcelo Burbano

Founding partner of INNCUBATED
Daniel Zajfman

Daniel Zajfman

President of the Weizmann Institute

Gila Ben-Har

CEO of the Center for Educational Technology

David Weinberger

Co-director, Harvard Library Innovation Lab

Renee Hobbs

Director at Harrington School of Communication
Bob Wise

Governor Bob Wise

President of the Alliance for Excellent Education

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The Global EdTech Awards competition is joint initiative of MindCET, The Open Education Challenge, Wayra UK, EdTech Incubator and Inncubated.



MindCET is an EdTech innovation center which brings together entrepreneurs, educators and researchers to develop innovative groundbreaking educational technology in Israel and beyond. MindCET is an independent body within the Center for Educational Technology (CET).


The Open Education Challenge

The Open Education Challenge, launched in 2014 in partnership with the European Commission, is an opportunity for cutting-edge education startups to receive mentoring and seed funding through the European Incubator for Innovation in Education, and get direct access to investors from day one.

Wayra UK


EdTech Incubator

The UK and Europe’s first education technology accelerator programme led by The Education Foundation, in partnership with the Tech City Investment Organisation.



InncubatED is the first incubator in Latin America that focuses on bringing innovation to the education industry by promoting and accelerating Startups in the Edtech space.