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The Competition

The Global EdTech Startups Awards is an initiative led by a group of prominent education innovation organizations from across the world. The competition’s goal is to identify, highlight and recognize the world’s most promising EdTech startups, those which present a potential for groundbreaking learning solutions. We wish to give voice and space to the exciting, growing trends in innovation and investments in EdTech, currently arising in different parts of the world.

Competition Criteria:  The product or service (1) answers an actual pain (2) has an innovative pedagogical aspect (3) has an outstanding user experience (4) growth potential (5) sustainable business model.

Prizes: The winners will receive an array of services from leading world EdTech incubators and accelerators – Tel Aviv, London, Barcelona and Bogotá - including office space and facilities, mentoring and guidance, over a total period of four months, at the following EdTech accelerators: EdTech Incubator (London), The Open Education Challenge (Barcelona), MindCET (Tel Aviv and Yeruham) and Inncubated (Bogotá). More prizes will be announced shortly.

New for 2015: Competition tracks

These tracks run in parallel to the main competition, so applicants with products or services relevant to any of these tracks can submit their application in the specific track, and they will automatically be part of the “general” competition.

Making Education – this track calls upon companies developing products which enable users to create physical objects, in ways which were not possible in the past, and creating new ways of engagement for the education and learning market. This channel embraces “The Makers Movement”, which is changing the way products are designed, developed, tested, manufactured and used by people.

IoT in Education – this track calls upon innovative products for the education and learning world, based on the concept of the Internet of Things. Competing start-ups would need to demonstrate how physical devices connected to the network are offering new ways of enhancing education and learning.

Safety Net – this track calls upon products or services which help create a safer environment for children online, thus accelerating the move towards e-education. As cloud technologies, mobile devices and wireless always-on net access is common, parents and educators are looking for ways to safeguard the children’s digital work and play. Relevant solutions for this track could deal with invasion of privacy, authentication, data security, content filtering and more.


Check out the 2014 Global EdTech Startup Awards Winners: 1st place - BrightBytes, 2nd place - Spongelab, 3rd place - Edpuzzle, Popularity G.E.S.Awards - Nittio Learn.

Terms and conditions

The Judges

Grace Gould

Grace Gould

Early stage investor at Index Ventures
Marcelo Burbano

Marcelo Burbano

Founding partner of INNCUBATED
Daniel Zajfman

Daniel Zajfman

President of the Weizmann Institute


Head of Unit at European Commission

Gila Ben-Har

CEO of the Center for Educational Technology

David Weinberger

Co-director, Harvard Library Innovation Lab

Renee Hobbs

Director at Harrington School of Communication
Bob Wise

Governor Bob Wise

President of the Alliance for Excellent Education

The Startups